President's Message

Barristers' Associations of Bangladesh.

Message of the President

It is a tremendous honour and privilege to be the President of Barristers’ Association of Bangladesh (“BAB”). Historically, this Association has been the only organisation for the Barristers’ community of Bangladesh. It is my responsibility to effectively represent the interests of our members. I will do my best to confront the challenges that affect our organisation.

The mission of the BAB is to promote excellence in the practice of law and the administration of justice through service, education, advocacy and working with all those within the justice delivery system for the benefit of the community and our profession. BAB sits on a horizon of exciting change and opportunity. There is much we can do as an organisation and for our community. However, our existence and success depends on the passion and efforts of members.

I am very proud of the good work that Barristers do for the benefit of the entire community, and of the vital role that Barristers and judges play in defending the freedom, and the rule of law along with our other colleagues in the legal profession, which is a fundamental concept in our legal system. During the term of the BAB, I will look to expand its reach and influence and add more value to its members.

It is my belief that an influx of new members is critical to the vibrancy and effectiveness of our association. Of equal importance is the continued participation and support of existing members. Over 500 Barristers of this Association are proud to serve the public as Advocates and advance the interests of justice, and promote the free exchange of information regarding the legal system in Bangladesh.

I express gratitude to the almighty that my late father Barrister Asrarul Hossain was one of the first Barrister of Bangladeshi origin called in 1947 from Lincoln’s Inn. 29 years later I was called to the Bar from Lincoln’s Inn. I am very proud that both my sons are also Barrister members of the same Inn.

Over the coming months we will be organising different events for our members. Our members can look forward to events that improve our legal skills, create career opportunities and give back to the country, in many ways, that we, as lawyers, are able to give

Please take a moment to look through our site. You will find services and programmes that will enhance your practice and I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

With very best wishes

Ajmalul Hossain QC
Senior Advocate
Barristers' Associations of Bangladesh.