Secretary Message

Barristers' Associations of Bangladesh.

Message of the Secretary

It’s my immense pleasure and satisfaction that I have been entrusted with the Job of Secretary to be performed for the Barristers’ Association, Bangladesh the most prestigious organization for the professionals of this country.

Completion of the Bar Course under the supervision of the Bar Council of England and Wales will not only qualify a British Law Graduate to call himself a barrister with an upgraded Lifestyle and conduct cases at the courts of laws but it will also make him skilled to meet the challenging demands of this dynamic brave new world especially at the Legal Arena which involves protection of Human Rights, Establishment of Rule of Law, Good Governance, and Administration of Justice.

I believe, the recently qualified barristers will play a pivotal role in achieving the above mentioned demands more efficiently which are not very often seen by the citizens of this country.

I wish a great success of the Barristers’ Association, Bangladesh.

Masud Ahmed Sayeed
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh